Posted by: nordicnoir | May 21, 2010

Paolo Roberto, Boxer in Stieg Larsson’s Novel, Involved in Scandal

            Yes, Paolo Roberto is a real person.  Even before he figured as a heroic character in Larsson’s novel, he was ‘world famous in Sweden’ as they say…in Sweden.  He is 41, an ex-boxer, a TV host, and an actor (he played himself in the film version of The Girl Who Played with Fire).   

            Now he appears to have found a different sort of fame.

           The Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet reported last week that he was accused of assault recently.  He had been on set for a film production when the 16-year-old, an extra, wrestled him to the ground and held him down.  Aftonbladet posted a video clip of the fight. You can see the 16-year-old (in white) wrestling Roberto (in a black leather jacket) to the ground and holding him there for a bit.  There is a lot of joking and it all appears to be in good fun, though Roberto seems strangely quiet, almost perplexed by the abuse he’s getting from the teenagers.

           Later, Roberto gets the upper hand and wrestles the boy to the ground and holds him down.  Finally, he sits up and pauses, fully in control.  Then he slaps the boy across the face pretty hard.

            After the incident, Aftonbladet notes, several schools canceled events featuring Roberto as a motivational speaker. 

            The fight isn’t pretty, but luckily the scuffle fails to recall the fantastic warehouse fight scenes from Larsson’s novel, which I assume was partly inspired by Roberto’s real life boxing skills.  It reminds me more of how my smart alec cat harasses my big cat, and then gets bopped on the head for it (which is not to excuse Roberto’s action here).

            All in all, it’s just a little strange to see a ‘hero’ in real life, caught off guard.




  1. The kid was [bleep] begging for it, and got what he deserved.

  2. Pablo Roberto putting shit straight, king.

  3. Big man picking on a teenager. Maybe he should be in Larsson’s 4th book, as a man who hates teenagers!

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