Posted by: nordicnoir | February 8, 2016

A General Update


Book almost out!

First, I’m thrilled to say that the book I’ve been co-authoring is finally due to come out around March 1st. Although Green Victorians has nothing to do with Nordic Noir (it’s about an early form of environmentalism in late 19th century England), one section of it led me to the study of Iceland, and I should have more to say about this soon.

Book recommendation!

I have been meaning to post something here regarding Tove Jansson’s True Deceiver for a long time. I recommend it to readers interested in what might be called a gentler kind of Nordic Noir (and FYI, this was published in 1982, well before the Nordic Noir craze broke out). This novel manages to generate suspense without any gore or depraved sex scenes. Its spare, limpid prose glints with sharp perceptions. It’s by a fascinating Swedish-speaking Finnish author (here is a terrific free documentary about her) who wrote several other wonderful books too (for instance, The Summer Book, Traveling Light, and Fair Play). And she was a wonderful visual artist and a world famous children’s book author (Google the “Moomins”).

New post

I have finally posted my follow-up review to Vidar Sundstøl’s Minnesota trilogy, right here.

Other Reviews

I am still reviewing a wide array of books over at the Chicago Book Review. My favorite reviewed books so far are 1) a novel set in two different periods in Chicago’s history (The End of the Book by Porter Shreve), 2) a remarkable collection of poems about struggling with a sibling’s mental illness (The Waxen Poor by J.D. Schraffenberger), and 3) a novel about an elderly man’s grand escape, his last hurrah before his family puts him in a rest home (Old Heart by Peter Ferry, review not yet posted).


Twitter often seems like such fragmentary nonsense, but I still find it to be a useful virtual Rolodex–with links to interesting posts and articles. So you can connect with me at @NorNoirWrdprs though these days I am more often using @VickyAlbritton .



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