March 27, 2014: An announcement from Philip Oltermann at the Guardian

A journalist for the Guardian is looking for input regarding a “small multimedia project” that would culminate in “an interactive map of Scandinavia, showing the numbers of real murders committed in a year versus those committed in fiction (i.e. crime novels, TV series, films etc).” Oltermann acknowledges that such a project will be difficult to undertake. “The logistical challenge is obvious: who’s going to count all the fictional crimes?” Despite the difficulties however, it is well worth thinking about this topic which is “very specifically Scandinavian (political utopia vs fictional dystopias) and [also] a more universal problem: how does our perception of crime match up to reality?”

The project is in the very early stages. The fictional and real murder counts may be limited to a specific year etc. to ensure that it can be completed by the deadline, which is likely to be some time this coming summer. So if you or anyone you know feels able to contribute (volunteers will be credited accordingly), please contact him at



December 18, 2013: An announcement from: Totally Serialized

“We’re happy to announce the third edition of Totally Serialized, our festival of European TV shows. It’s a chance for UK audiences to experience some of their favourite TV shows on the big screen, and to discover new series with our special UK premieres followed by Q&As. There will also be a ‘Women on TV Writing’ Masterclass in collaboration with BAFTA, an Industry event focusing on European co-productions, and a spooky all-nighter – Saturday Fright Night – with screenings of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, The Returned, and a zombie party.

On Sunday 19th January, there will be chance to watch the WW2 Gallic TV drama Un Village français and a string of political thrillers from France (Les Anonymes), Belgium (Salamander) and Denmark (The Protectors).


For more information, please find attached the festival press release or go
It’s not on the website yet but I can already confirm that SpacedThe OfficeSaxondale and Nighty Night will be in our Comedy Marathon on Saturday 18th January.


Please Like us on FacebookandJoin the conversation on Twitter. The official Twitter tag is #TotallySerialized. Short URL:

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