Sites of Interest

Huffington Post ( -their Nordic Noir page ) – snazzy online magazine with photos and articles related to Nordic Noir, emphasis on TV and film. Thanks HuffPo, for linking to me here! (at the bottom, under “Around the Web”)

Kritik – “a public forum on theory, culture, and politics” with great posts on a wide range of topics, including Mad Men and (soon) The Killing. Also check out the book they just published: Mad Men, Mad World: Sex, Politics, Style, and the 1960s. Run by Lauren Goodlad of the University of Illinois. You might also be interested in my recent post on Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake.

Scandinavian Crime Fiction -Interested in reading Nordic Noir novels? Start here. Comprehensive reviews, consistently updated.

BBC FOUR: TIME SHIFT –   A BBC4 site (that linked to me!) all about Nordic Noir.

Euro But Not Trash: Nordic Noir and Beyond – Intelligent posts about ‘Eurodrama’ (mainly) and also broader cultural issues. One of my new faves. Definitely not trash.

The Companion Site of Scandinavian Crime Fiction

NBIEII: The Nordic, British, Irish & European Mystery Discussion Group at

A Novel Tour in Sweden –from The Washington Post. Wonderful photos of places in Stieg Larsson’s books.

Photos of Wallander’s Countryside  (thanks Phillip! –I don’t have any from this area)

The Swedish Photo Blog — “the real Sweden through the camera lens”

Nordic Noir: The Scandinavian Crime Book Club – active book club, links to audio interviews and more

Noir Nation – they actually published a ‘noir poem’! plus, short articles on the meaning of ‘noir’, ‘film noir’, etc…they list more than 1000 Twitter followers

CrimeTime – large site with news, reviews, interviews etc.

Crime Fiction Lover – reviews and interviews; site set up by two journalists who specifically claim not to be novelists themselves…an interesting unforced disclaimer, I think…



  1. I really enjoyed reading your writing here – very articulate and with a keen astute eye for things of interest. Do you know where the term ‘Nordic Noir’ originated? Now with other genres being slotted in such as ‘Borgen’ and ‘Atka Manniskor,’ I think the concept may be either becoming meaningless or more of a discourse that encompasses marking techniques.
    What do you think?

    • A few years ago I scoured the web for info on the phrase “Nordic Noir” and I found this piece:
      If the link fails, the article is “Cracking a Cold Case: Scandinavian Crime Fiction’s Mainstream Success” at Here it is claimed that “In both the US and UK, the rise of Nordic Noir as a genre began in 2007.” You can read more about it at their site. Note that the term “Nordic Noir” is not used in Scandinavia. Swedes call it simply “spänning” (suspense) or “deckare” (detective novels). As for whether it’s a “meaningless” term etc.–that’s a good question…and one that I can’t adequately answer here. I’ve been working on something related to this for a while, so I’ll try to remember to link to it here when it’s done!

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